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Our services cut through complexities, maintain timescales, and keep costs at a minimum.


We work on projects of all sizes, complexities, and sectors spanning Africa with a legacy that ripples through decades.

Our expertise and flexibility satisfy a range of customer requirements. From a complex, strategic asset to a classroom in a school.

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Regional Building

We hold a prominent position in education, health, and numerous public sector frameworks facilitating construction services.

We cover a spectrum of industry requirements in the public sector: health, education, heritage, religious spaces, leisure, aviation, defense, custodial and scientific sectors through to private, commercial projects such as industrial, offices, retail, residential.

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We understake water, power & transport, engineering projects and maintenance services across Sudan.

We also provide public house repair services at affordable cost. Get in touch with to know more.

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Infrastructure Services

With our growing footprint in infrastructure services, we provide for both capital projects as well as maintenance of infrastructure assets.

Get in touch with our expert team of engineers, architects and contractors to know more.

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Most journeys are done by road, that’s why we must keep stretches of strategic road networks and local roads flowing for the many vehicles traveling on them each year.

To know how we can help, get in touch with out consultants today!

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Bringing the built environment to life by providing services to the water, gas, power, telecoms, and rail sectors.

We ensure sustainability by offering long-term alliance and framework contracts at cost-effective rates.

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Our specialists deliver tailored, planned maintenance and responsive repairs, compliance and refurbishment projects.

If you are looking for a reliable maintenance solution, get in touch today.

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Design and Build

Design is the cornerstone of successful project delivery. At Professionals Multi Activities, we provide specialist design and build capabilities. The intellectual knowledge and skills capital of our teams ensure that we can manage projects and integrate efficiently.

We take pride in bringing sector-leading knowledge and fresh thinking to create workable solutions. Our scope in design and planning ranges from all types of major infrastructure: roads, rails, airports, ports and utilities, all the way to major building developments, health facilities, sport and fitness facilities, cultural buildings, offices, and housing.

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Metals & Materials

Our minerals unit is engaging in business in the fields of mineral resources, energy, basic chemicals, electronics, and sciences.

That includes metals, materials, minerals, chemicals, substances, and products. We operate trading business as well with offering extensive functions, by realizing synergies between trading and operating assets and using community derivatives. We make efforts consistently to create added value and enhance our value chain using our two pillars of trading and manufacturing.

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We act as agents for the distribution of telecom equipment. We have built a solid reputation with partners, suppliers, and end-users providing successful and high integrity products that serve needs and help make informed choices about technology and saving costs.

We optimize the independent sales channel experience to raise the standards of how communication equipment is bought and sold. That includes computer hardware and peripheral equipment as well as business and productivity software.

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We have a variety of energy solutions ranging from solar panels, renewable energy, pumps, flow meters, fuel dispensing units, fuel filtration systems UPS systems, power inverters, electrical items, power backup systems, transmission& distribution of Electricity (HV/LV/MV), HVAC.

We also have services that include the pumping, harnessing, refining, purifying of mineral oil, natural gas, steam, and other natural sources of energy.

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We offer advanced milling capabilities, exceptional service, and rapid delivery of quality lumber products and building materials.

We are committed to maintaining a large and diverse inventory of lumber products and building materials to meet the needs of our clients. We only source grade-certified materials for our manufactured array of products.

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Rubber & Plastics

We handle the distribution of rubbers both natural and synthetic, rubber chemicals, and plastics.

If you have a requirement, get in touch with us today. We offer high quality products at reasonable cost.

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We provide high-performing glass solutions to support all spaces. Glass beveller, patent silvered, glass embosser, ecclesiastical lead worker, glass tablet, show-cards, and showcases.

Get in touch with us for business enquiry, quotations or to know more about our services.

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We partner with you and support your business in the mining value chain, offering initial sampling surveys to designing systems for mineral processing and fulfilling complex technical specifications.

Our services include exploration of mines, quarry and win ores, metals, stones, precious stones, smelting, refining, stone dressing, cutting, and granting licenses.

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Real Estate

We develop different kinds of properties by reviving the underused lands, sustainable places where communities thrive and people from all walks of life can enjoy great quality.

We specialize in brownfield regeneration focusing on diverse sites including apartments, estates, industrial, commercial and residential properties, marionettes, offices, hotels, cottages, restaurants, shops, shopping malls, and arcades, supermarkets, amusement parks, recreational facilities.

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Experience South Sudan and the world as you have not seen it before. With our travel coordination services, we plan your life-enriching trip and experiences.

Our agents are experts at handcrafting complex itineraries; their expertise encompasses all logistical, accommodation, guides, and transport needs with special insider access and clock support throughout your trip.

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We deal with the placement of key personnel across all industry sectors in temporary, full-time, contract-based roles.

Working together, we deliver a broad, comprehensive recruitment service to our clients. Get in touch with our experts today.

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By working with us, we can reach your goals in a short distance.